SEOULSPICE, 4600 Wisconsin Ave.

View contemporary, graphic pieces from artists whose abstract works explore the fundamental elements of the natural world, moments in time, and sacred geometry. Enjoy tunes spun by DJ Sifu Sun throughout the night. And don’t forget to grab a bite from SEOULSPICE’s menu of traditional Korean flavors with a modern twist. They will extend their Happy Hour deals and full menu until midnight to celebrate the arts in our neighborhood.


Melissa Jessell: Framed prints of macro photography, which look like etherical, abstract paintings, and acrylic mounted prints of photographs digitally collaged and turned into sacred geometry

Lisa Laohaphan: Acrylic paintings featuring graphic, colorful, often semi-abstract depictions of happy wonderful moments

Diana Laurie: Abstract paintings and drawings

McCain McMurray: Acrylic on canvas abstracts that capture the essence of the natural and constructed world in its most fundamental forms



7-10 p.m. Enjoy tunes spun by DJ Sifu Sun all night

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