The Tile Shop, 4530 Wisconsin Avenue

Amidst a backdrop of gleaming tiles, enjoy an exciting and eclectic array of watercolor, oil paintings, screen prints, collages, and custom cards on two levels.


Jane Brookstein: Oil paintings

Miles S. Burrell: Acrylic paintings that bring surrealism, realism, and abstraction to the canvas

Carrie Horton: Mixed media prints of aquatic species on rice paper in the form of the traditional Japanese method Gyotaku and based around SciArt, the commingling of biology and art.

Ge’Vonna Keyes & Edwin Salmeron: whimsical mosaics

Carolyn Long: prints and cards of original collages

Leslie Rose: landscape paintings

David Sturtevant: prints depicting the natural world

Sabrina Tate: paintings

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