Tenley-Friendship Library, 4450 Wisconsin Ave

Sponsored by the National Presbyterian School

The Tenley-Friendship Library reflects all ages and stages in our community, ranging from seasoned artists to some of tomorrow’s brightest stars. Art lovers of all ages can take part in interactive art experiences, including children’s crafts, henna tattoos, and special “I-Ching” consultations that will guide guests to self-discovery. Supplies and materials for children’s crafts generously donated by Sullivan’s Toys & Art Supplies.



Bob Bowie: landscape photography in and around the United States

David Cohen: photographs of birds in the wild

Pamela Gordimer: colorful oil paintings of our natural world

Pauline Rakis: acrylic paintings and collages

Visual arts from student artists and area schools 


Carolyn Cardinet & Kirsty Little Joy present Waste Not, a kinetic sculpture suspended from above highlighting the danger of micro-plastics to our environment. Festival-goers will move through the sculpture, experiencing micro-plastics as in world ocean gyres.

View Art All Night 2018’s collaborative art project My Wish for the Future, and then take part in this year’s project next door at Janney Elementary.

And National Presbyterian School proudly celebrates 50 years in Tenleytown! View historic photographs from the school’s early years.



7:00-10:00 pm – Irene Chan facilitates I-Ching, the 3000-year-old Chinese oracle system that inspires individuals to seek their own answers. Consult the I-Ching, generate answers to your life questions, and leave with a print and/or temporary tattoo of your hexagram from rubber stamps hand-carved from Chan’s original imagined imagery.

7:00-9:00 pm – Séber Method Academy, a professional ballet and dance school, presents selections from their curriculum in ballet, modern & contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, tap, flamenco, Bollywood, and world dance. Performances every half-hour.

9:30-10:00 pm – Sylvana Christopher offers jazz dance improvisation and performance art

10:00 pmA cappella performance by the Singing Capital Chorus in front of the library


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