Tenley Bucks: A new way to promote local businesses

Tenley Bucks is a digital gift card for use exclusively at participating businesses within Tenleytown Main Street. Consumers can purchase Tenley Bucks as a gift, as a way to give their kids spending money, for employee appreciation rewards, school raffles, company contest prizes, or anything they might have used a gift card for in the past. The possibilities are endless, but the dollars stay right here in Tenleytown.

Benefits for businesses

  • Marketing and exposure through a custom-branded Tenley Bucks webpage
  • Promotion by Tenleytown Main Street in Tenley Bucks campaign materials
  • A Tenley Bucks logo and link for your website and social media
  • A turn-key set-up, run for you by TMS. Absolutely no admin, accounting, tracking, revenue sharing, or new equipment required.
  • Automated monthly reminders to Tenley Bucks customers
  • Engaging customers where they are: mobile and online

There is no cost to participate. Tenley Bucks are processed like a credit card, you get paid when Tenley Bucks are used at your business, and you keep every dollar of Tenley Bucks spent at your business. There are no additional fees beyond your normal credit card processing fees.

How to sign up

Only businesses that opt into the program will be able to accept Tenley Bucks. Make sure you are on that preferred list. Click here to complete a brief registration form. TMS will follow up with you directly to guide you through the simple activation process. If you have 5 minutes, we’ll have you ready to accept Tenley Bucks.

How it works

Tenley Bucks is powered by Yiftee, a platform that has enabled more than 200 communities across the United States to drive local business through digital gift cards. Customers purchase Tenley Bucks through TMS’s custom-branded site. Their gift recipient receives a digital Tenley Bucks card they can use at any participating store. The merchant processes the e-gift card like any other credit card transaction and MasterCard pays them directly.

How Tenley Bucks works