The second oldest community in Washington, Tenleytown overlooks the city from its highest point and blends a small town feel with a vibrant array of urban amenities along Wisconsin Avenue. Shopping, dining, recreation, and top-notch education are all within close walking distance of the neighborhood’s tree-lined streets and two-story single-family homes. Multi-generational and family-oriented, Tenleytown continues to be among DC’s most sought-after and stable communities.

Tenleytown is a vibrant retail corridor with a mix of local-serving amenities and a small supply of destination restaurants and retail. It is experiencing continued investment from real estate developers and business owners looking to come to the neighborhood. Over the next 5 years, more than 1,500 new residential units will be added to the market in addition to approximately 295,000 square feet of retail and 62,000 square feet of office space. Four residential and mixed-use projects are currently in the pipeline.

High Spending Capacity

Tenleytown has an affluent, local-serving population, as well as a sizeable white-collar workforce population. Educational institutions add an additional 20K people to the consumer mix.

Businesses have the opportunity to capture retail expenditures from four distinct customer groups:

  • Educated, high earning residents
  • Professional employees
  • 61,000 people that drive by daily
  • A vast student population consisting of 14,000 higher education students
Strong Anchors

Strong anchor stores located in the commercial district, such as Whole Foods and The Container Store, bring a diverse body of visitors to the Tenleytown neighborhood.

Access & Visibility

The amount of public transportation options and high vehicle count along Wisconsin Avenue positions Tenleytown to capture substantial customer base for businesses in the area.

Tenleytown has “excellent transit” with convenient access to the Metro, a variety of bus lines, and many car sharing options.

The large group of commuters along Wisconsin Ave. add traffic counts and car visibility that retailers like. The close proximity to a Metro station connects Tenleytown with other DC neighborhoods. Ample parking draws more consumers than other areas in DC that lack parking.