Tenley Bucks Merchant Resources

Thank you for participating in the Tenley Bucks program – a new way for customers to support local businesses. Tenley Bucks is a digital gift card for use exclusively at participating businesses within Tenleytown Main Street. To help you get the most out of this program, we’ve provided answers to the questions most frequently asked by merchants.

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How do I process a payment with Tenley Bucks?

Tenley Bucks is a digital gift card. Customers will present their gift card on their phone or will provide a printed copy. Included will be a card number, expiration date, CVV, and zip code. Process Tenley Bucks as you would any other credit card transaction that requires manually entering the card information, e.g. a phone order where the card is not present. The transaction amount cannot exceed the amount authorized on the card. Watch this video, created by our partner Yiftee, for a step-by-step guide.

How do I process a payment that exceeds the Tenley Bucks gift card value?

To process a payment that exceeds the Tenley Bucks gift card value, you will need to split the bill between the gift card and another payment method provided by the customer. Enter in your POS the gift card value, process the card according to the instructions shown on the card (or in the video above), and continue with the transaction for the remaining amount.

Is tipping allowed on Tenley Bucks transactions?

Because Tenley Bucks is a prepaid card, through MasterCard, tips cannot be applied. Here’s an example why: Say a customer has a $25 card and lunch is $22 with tax. Your server authorizes that charge and MC approves. Then, the server brings the check back to the table and the customer adds a $5 tip. When you go to close out that night, you’re trying to charge $27 on a card with only $25 available and it will be declined. To protect you, tips are not allowed on the e-gift cards unless they are authorized with the initial bill. We let customers know in advance and encourage them to tip in cash or through another payment method.

If someone uses Tenley Bucks at our store, what happens if they return the item or need a refund?

If a customer returns a purchase made with Tenley Bucks, it is up to the merchant’s return/exchange policy as to how the return will be handled.

You receive payment from MasterCard in the same way and timing as a MasterCard credit card.

Tenley Bucks is powered by Yiftee, a platform that has enabled more than 200 communities across the United States to drive local business through digital gift cards. Customers purchase Tenley Bucks through TMS’s custom-branded site. Their gift recipient receives a digital Tenley Bucks card they can use at any participating store. You process the e-gift card like any other credit card transaction and MasterCard pays you directly.

How Tenley Bucks works