Fessenden Park to Receive New Furniture

Fessenden Park to Receive New Furniture

October 9, 2018

Fessenden Park seating

The Friends of Fessenden Park, a committee of Tenleytown Main Street, is installing new tables and chairs at the park this fall. The new seating is a pilot program to evaluate furniture styles the community may prefer as part of a larger design process.

The furniture includes a mix of large, round dining tables and sturdy dining chairs with arms, small bistro tables with armless chairs, and Adirondack chairs. In addition to testing styles of seating, the Friends are trying out a range of colors and materials to see what resonates best.

“We hope that the new furniture will entice members of the community to use the park as a meeting spot, an outdoor lunch location, or simply as a place to relax,” said Leigh Catherine Miles, Executive Director of Tenleytown Main Street. “We look forward to the community’s feedback on this temporary installation as we work toward a more comprehensive redesign of the park.”

Community members are encouraged to spend time in the park to test out what furniture they like best. The tables and chairs are fully movable, and the Friends of Fessenden Park look forward to learning not only which seats are most comfortable, but also where park-goers prefer to sit.

The new tables and chairs will remain in the park at least through the fall and return in the spring of 2019. Funding for the seating was made possible through a grant provided to Tenleytown Main Street.

Feedback on the furniture can be submitted via the park’s Facebook Group or through Tenleytown Main Street’s website. The Friends of Fessenden Park will use the feedback, along with other community input, when making recommendations for permanent furnishings at the park.

Fessenden Park is located on Wisconsin Avenue, bounded by Fessenden and 42nd streets. The Friends of Fessenden Park and Tenleytown Main Street seek to revitalize the park as a community gathering space for people of all ages.


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